10 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy


We’re big fans of cosy and here in Cardiff, the nights are drawing in and the autumn storms are blowing.

All you’ll want to do after coming home from work is to shut the world out and hunker down for the night. We’ve drawn up a list of things that will help you make your evening truly cosy.

#1 The warmest, snuggliest jumper you can find

You know the one. It’s been sat at the back of your wardrobe all year long but the evening will come when it needs to be brought out and snuggled into.

#2 A steaming mug of hot chocolate

You can’t cut corners here. It has to be the best quality hot chocolate you can buy. You deserve it. Wrap your cold hands around it and let it warm you up from the inside.

#3 A film you can spend a few hours with

Forget about work, your troubles and anything else. Switch the box on, and be transported to another country or another world while you cwtch* up on the sofa.

#4 A selection of biscuits or nibbles

You’re allowed a night off every now and then. What better way of spending the night than with a few little tasty treats?

#5 Make your room glow with fairy lights

Fairy lights really do make your room seem magical. It will also make your room seem warmer. Perfect.

#6 Make your house smell like freshly baked cakes

Lighting scented candles can add another dimension to your room. Embracing all the senses will help you relax.

#7 Late night radio

Lying out on the sofa with late-night radio on is a surprisingly good way to unwind. Our preference would be Classic FM but you may want to listen to something more contemporary.

#8 A good book

If TV’s not your thing, why not lose yourself in a great book?

#9 A pet

Pets tend to react to your demeanour and if you’re snuggled up tight, they’ll do the same.

#10 Someone else

It could be your partner, family member or even a good friend. Cosy times are a lot more cosier when they’re shared!